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Taghia is a Berber village perched at 1900 meters above sea level with 500 inhabitants. Taghia is located 2 hours walk from Zaouiat Ahensal, in the province of Azilal. To arrive at Zaouiat Ahensal, it takes around 4h30 taxi from Marrakech. It is also possible to come by bus from Azilal (one bus a day). There is a project of road between Zaouiat and Taghia which is not defended by the inhabitants and which preserves the village from the onslaught of tourism.

Way of life:

The gorges of Taghia are exceptional both by the height of the canyons and therefore cliffs but also by the presence of water sources that allow the inhabitants to live. Early climbing tourism also turns to hiking and the famous Berber passages!

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