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Lodge Mohamed Amil

The cottage is owned by Mohamed and Nadjma who have three adorable children. The cottage is recent (2015) and well equipped. Its dominant position at the exit of the village offers a unique view of the wall of the sources and the west face of Taoujdad.

Mohamed Amil is a climber who knows very well the gorges and the walls of climbing. He can advise you on the climbs to choose from and even guide you in certain ways.

Its small size (5 bedrooms) makes it very warm and quiet, it is a real haven of peace.



The cottage currently has 4 rooms for 3 people and a room for 2 people. The rooms are located on the terrace and allow to enjoy the dominant view of the village. The beds are of good quality and can recover well between 2 days of climbing.



Half board is included in the price of the room (evening meal and breakfast). It is also possible to order lunch for lunch on days off.

The meals are made with local products by Najma in the pure Berber tradition. The cuisine is sufficiently varied and hearty to be satisfied with this. The vegetables are well cleaned, there is no risk of catching the "tourista". For water, the most sensitive can bring source water but that of the deposit can be drunk with or without pellets.

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